Uli Kunkel - Staff Researcher

My background

I am currently a staff researcher at the Federal Laboratory of Sciences, where my focus lies on static analysis of legacy software systems, such as early financial systems. These systems make up a significant part of our hidden daily life and are, more often than not, aging. My goal is to identify strongly coherent 'islands' of software that can be replaced with smaller, easier to maintain, modern equivalents. To that extent, the well-known concept of micro services plays an important role, together with parsing and correlation engines.


Much of this work revolves around parsing of large, real systems. This requires a lot of processing power. To counter unnecessary use of this compute power, we developed a framework based on the language Haskell. This framework specializes in generating and analysing ASTs, and is easily runnable to various environments that support the underlying language. Another upside of this approach is that it easily portable between common architectures, as long as a C compiler exists.


Whenever I have the time, I like to play music - in the past also as part of the band 'Autobahn'.

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